Industry References & SHOWREEL


"It would be hard to find a partner as reliable, professional, modest, knowledgeable, and in complete control of the production as Michael Constable.

Michael is the consummate ally to a producer and director. He excersises tremendous discipline, maximizing all the resources on screen and always protecting the creative. He is the rare line producer who can comfortably manage a large studio film or modest independent. He is a filmmaker first, and views his role through the prism of serving the director’s vision. He made my job easy, instilling an atmosphere of calm that rippled through the entire production.  

Above all, he is an absolute joy to work with. He is beloved by the crew despite being in the unenviable position of often having to impose boundaries. The director and cast of our film adored him and we all consider him a dear friend. 

If you have the opportunity to work with Michael Constable, leap at the chance. I cannot wait to make many more films with him." Fred Berger, Producer - Teen Spirit

"I had the pleasure of entrusting Michael with Line-producing 'Still Life' and now regularly consult with him over production issues. His dedication, professionalism and ability to get things done under any circumstances make him a credit to our profession" Uberto Pasolini, Director/Producer - Still Life 

"Michael is for me the perfect Line Producer. I know that the production is completely safe in his hands, and that he will always do what’s best for the film, no matter what that takes in terms of his own effort. He makes it his priority to duly consider the many needs a production may have, be they creative, financial, technical, logistical, or human, and find the optimal solution that best satisfies all, rather than find the easiest or quickest solution. As a leader he is always calm, is never afraid to make the tough decisions, and has a positive demeanour that makes it a pleasure for anyone who works with him." Olivier Kaempfer, Producer - Borrowed Time

"Simply put, Michael Constable delivers. I arrived solo in London to direct my first feature with only Michael on my crew list. In a few short weeks, we had amassed a fabulous crew, secured all the prime locations, started set builds and completed our casting. It was very fast and high pressure. Michael's energy and humour kept it efficient and entertaining. There were bumps in the road and we bonded over flattening them. I now consider him a true friend and look forward to repeating the experience" Graham Henman, Director - Bone in the Throat 

"I worked with Michael Constable on the film 'Free Fire'. I had several hats, Director, Writer, Editor and (uncredited) Producer and I found him to be excellent from every perspective! As a director I found his knowledge of film production deep and reassuring. I never felt hassled or pressured (as you can with some Line Producers). It was always support but but with a steely eye on budget. Negotiations over equipment were cordial and reasonable. The reigns of the budget felt like they were being controlled considerately and logically. 'Free Fire' was a difficult film in many respects. Lots of pyro technics and gunfire but we managed to only have one hour of overtime and completed the film on budget and schedule. This was a testament to Michael's skill and communication he had between all departments. Character-wise is unflappable and a good man to have in a tight situation. I saw first hand his lateral thinking and attention to detail when it came to some department's lazy budgeting, he saved the production tens of thousands of pounds in that  respect. I would work with him again in a heartbeat and think he is a major asset to any production" Ben Wheatley, Director - Free Fire & Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

"Having come from low budget cinema and having worked with a consistent team over many films, one of the most difficult things is to hand anything over to anyone! Michael fitted into our working model perfectly and improved it, keeping to budgets by collaborating not dictating. He is definitely in my 'must call' list for future projects" Andy Starke, Producer - Free Fire & Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

"I have had the pleasure of working on two films with Michael, 'Miss You Alreadyand 'Free Fire'. He has proved incredibly hard working and adept at managing any sort of situation. He gets on well with people and has a great instinct for solving schedule and budget problems efficiently and effectively. I look forward to working with him on many films in the future" Peter La Terriere -  Film Finances Ltd

“Michael Constable worked with us at Monumental Pictures in the role of Line Producer/Co-Producer on HOW TO BUILD A GIRL. He was instrumental in helping us put the movie together, both in terms of conceiving it’s shape and size in terms of early budgeting and scheduling and confirming to available finance, and in the actual physical production during pre-production and shooting. 

During both these phases Michael was exemplary in every area of his responsibilities. Michael was crucial in selecting Heads of Department that were suitable for the movie, both creatively and for it’s size...he helped us assemble a brilliant team. He is always conscious of the creative overview of the film, whilst never taking his eye off the fiscal detail. He is supportive and sympathetic with the vision of the director and producers, whilst always making sure that the production staff and crew are being kept happy and on side. 

We finished the shoot on time and pretty much always made our days. The contingency remained intact and we entered post-production in excellent shape. 
Michael is extremely well-liked in the industry, both with crews and with the executives and Completion Bond staff...this is a huge help when negotiating tricky situations. His opinion is trusted and respected. 

He has become a valued member of our larger Monumental family, and we hope to be lucky enough to work with him again many times in the future.” Alison Owen Producer - How to Build a Girl

"I was the Guarantor on feature film 'Final Portrait'. I found Michael to be diligent and his management of the BTL budget, which was challenging, was extremely good. He is a good communicator and capable of dealing with all aspects of production and would be happy to work with him again" Neil Calder - Film Finances Ltd

"The Fyzz Facility have worked with Michael Constable on our most recent production 'Final Score' starring Dave Bautista and Pierce Brosnan. He proved to be a very good communicator and highly dedicated in making sure both the creative and the financial aspects of the film were managed properly. Michael always kept a firm eye on the schedule and budget; whilst maintaining a good rapport with both the cast and crew. The film consisted of various logistical and location issues, both of which weren't easy, however Michael kept a strong handling of both throughout and always kept us informed of any issues. We would not hesitate to recommend Michael for any upcoming jobs and certainly look forward to working with him again in near future on one of our new shows" Wayne Marc Godfrey & Robert Jones, Producers - Final Score

“Alison Owen and I have produced a great number of films in all budget ranges and Michael is amongst the best line producers either of us have worked with. The film was extremely challenging to shoot and as is often the case, ambition for the film was greater than the resources we had available.  Michael balanced both and succeeded in bringing the film in on both budget and schedule without compromising the director's vision.  He unerringly hired great people onto the crew and proceeded to manage them brilliantly whilst always remaining firm but fair.  He is a great communicator, not just with crew and cast, but also with executives and financiers. We trusted him implicitly to act on our behalf in all matters concerning the film.

We couldn’t recommend Michael more highly  We would hire him again in an instant.” Debra Hayward, Producer - How to Build a Girl

"Michael’s contribution to the production is immeasurable. He is collaborative and responsible. Always leading with a desire to put as much money on screen as possible. Equally important is his quality as a person - he is both a leader and team player. A rare combination indeed. If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to work with Michael Constable you will never want to make a movie without him again." Max Minghella, Director - Teen Spirit

"I had the pleasure of working with Michael on 'Final Portrait' which was directed by Stanley Tucci and starred Geoffrey Rush and Armie Hammer. He worked extremely hard and was effective at managing a very tight budget, he has very good relationships with suppliers and film benefitted from his excellent negotiations. It was an unforgiving schedule but Michael is an exceptional problem solver, quick to notice when a problem might arise and also to suggest possible solutions and outcomes. He got on well with the cast and crew and with Film Finances who were bonding the film. I hope to work with him again soon." Gail Egan, Producer - Final Portrait

"Michael Constable was not only an absolute pleasure to work with but was fundamental to delivering our film on budget and on time. He works well under pressure, has fantastic rapport with cast and crew, and has strong relationships with top HODs, funding bodies and facilities across the UK, which proved invaluable to our production. Michael is responsible, reliable, passionate about his works and adheres to a strong no BS policy" Julia Godzinskaya, Producer - My Brother the Devil