The Happiness Salesman (Short Film)

The Happiness Salesman Short Film

Director - Krishnendu Majumdar
Writer - Steve Gomez
Cast - Chris Eccleston, Archie Panjabi
Producer - Arif Hussein
Production Company - Kaos Films


Karen is resigned to a life of suburban ennui, the dreams of her youth a distant memory. On an autumn afternoon as she struggles to get her baby to sleep she is disturbed by a door-to-door Salesman. Desperate for adult companionship she engages with the enigmatic Salesman. He claims that he can sell her something that will radically change her life; he offers Karen, an opportunity to fulfill her long forgotten dreams and ambitions.


  • Official Selection - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009

  • Official Selection - Palm Springs International Film Festival 2009

  • WINNER - Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival 2009 - Grand Prize for Best Narrative