Final Score



A group of heavily armed criminals take control of a stadium packed with 35,000 football fans. Ex-soldier Michael Knox (Dave Bautista) is forced to use skills from his military background and everything at his disposal to save the spectators, including the life of a fallen comrade’s daughter.


"Dave Bautista goes full Van Damme in a 'Sudden Death'-alike action movie that's better than it has any right to be." ★★★★✩ Alex Godfrey, Time Out 

"Final Score puts a cheeky British spin on the set-up, and it's hard not to smile when an American character gets thumped for calling the sport soccer instead of football." ★★★✩✩ Leslie Felperin, The Guardian 

"Final Score is a film that has no problem with its own over-the-top premise and shows that Bautista is one of the most reliable presences around when it comes to bruising action with a side order of silliness. When the final whistle sounds, it’ll have you wishing you could watch extra time and penalties as well." ★★★★✩ Tom Beasley, Flickering Myth

“Possibly the least political movie about terrorism ever made, "Final Score" has no ambitions beyond pure escapism, and it meets its humble goal.” Dennis Harvey, Variety

"Final Score offers nothing in the way of originality or social commentary - it's just a big, fun, brash, noisy action flick headed by someone eyeing up The Rock from a distance - and more power to it's elbow." ★★★✩✩ Jamie East, The Sun 

'Final Score' is the exact over-the-top, senseless fun movie that all the best and classic action movies are. It delivers exactly what it says on the tin and has the perfect hero protagonist in Dave Bautista." ★★★★✩ Deirdre Molumby, Entertainment.ie 

'Final Score' Gives Dave Bautista His 'Die Hard' Luke Y. Thompson, Forbes

"Sky Cinema Original Films picks up a nice little Die Hard-in-a-stadium variant with Final Score, starring Dave Bautista." ★★★✩✩  Casimir Harlow, AVForums 

"Dave Bautista gives this football-stadium set action thriller his best shot" ★★★✩✩ Jason Best, Movie Talk

“Working from a script by Jonathan Frank, David T. Lynch and Keith Lynch, Mann proves equally efficient at action and drama.” Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times

Final Score, the hot dog movie starring Dave Bautista, is a pretty good time.” Siddhant Adlakha, Slash Film

"Dave Bautista Flourishes In Absurdly Fun British Action Revival" ★★★★✩ Adam Clery, What Culture 

"Final Score is the absolute epitome of a popcorn movie. It’s never going to change the world, nor does it intend to, but it will keep you entertained." ★★★✩✩ Pip Ellwood-Hughes, Entertainment Focus

“Bautista has the low-key charisma, natural appeal and formidable physicality necessary for an action star, and he makes Final Score worth watching (at home while eating pizza and drinking beer, preferably) despite its endlessly derivative elements.” Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

“Bautista proves himself quite capable in the battered hero role, giving "Final Score" the boost in charisma and power it needs.” Brian Orndorf, Blu-Ray.com