Free Fire


JAPANESE TRAILER (personal favourite!!)


Massachusetts late ‘70s. Justine (Brie Larson) has brokered a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two Irishmen (Cillian Murphy, Michael Smiley) and a gang led by Vernon (Sharlto Copley) and Ord (Armie Hammer) who are selling them a stash of guns. But when shots are fired in the handover, a heart stopping game of survival ensues.


  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - BFI London Film Festival 2016 (European Premiere)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - British Independent Film Awards 2016 (Best Director)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Calgary Underground Film Festival 2017 (Alberta Premiere)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dingle Film Festival 2017 - Opening Film

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dubai International Film Festival 2016 - MENA Premiere

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dublin International Film Festival 2017 (Gala Presentation)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Glasgow Film Festival 2017 (Gala Presentation)

  • OFFICAL SELECTION - Imagine Film Festival 2017

  • WINNER - Macau Film Festival 2016 (Best Screenplay)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Mar del Plata Film Festival 2016 (Best Film)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rotterdam International Film Festival 2017

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Stockholm International Film Festival 2017

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - SXSW Film Festival 2017 - Headliners (U.S. Premiere)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Toronto International Film Festival 2016 (World Premiere)

  • WINNER - Toronto International Film Festival 2016 (People's Choice Award)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Torino Film Festival 2016

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tromso International Film Festival 2017 - Overdrive


"Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy and a dazzling cast assemble for Ben Wheatley's blistering, bullets-flying action movie set in 1970s Boston" ★★★★ Tom Huddleston, Time Out

"A sure fire cult classic...Fantastic" Edith Bowman, Virgin Radio

"Free Fire is the funniest, meanest gunfight you'll see all year" Tom Philip, GQ Magazine 

"If its clip gets emptied before the characters' ammunition runs out, the film still hits its target dead-center" ★★★☆ David Fear, Rolling Stone

"Free Fire is a fun romp for those missing a little Quentin Tarantino-style insanity in their filmgoing lives." ★★★☆ Brian Truitt, USA Today

"It's smart, stylish and dazzlingly put together" ★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian 

"Mr. Wheatley's "High-Rise" was a highlight of 2016, and again he shows that he's a technically virtuosic director whose humor has a bracingly nasty side. He's also no dummy." Glenn Kenny, New York Times

"Ben Wheatley has created an instant classic with Free Fire set to be studied by wannabe directors for years to come" ★★★★★ Jamie East, The Sun

"Finally, a film that is as enjoyable to watch as it presumably was to remake" ★★★★ Little White Lies 

"Free Fire devotes itself to a whole hour of flying stuff -- bullets, barbs, quips, broken glass and other detritus, some of it human. It is complete, beautifully choreographed chaos, punctuated by unexpectedly funny lines" ★★★1/2 Liz Braun, Toronto Sun

"Ben Wheatley's delirious 70s-set shootout comedy is packed with wide collars, punch visuals and explosive dialogue" ★★★★ Mark Kermode, The Observer 

"Free Fire" is a greasy double bacon cheeseburger of a movie. It is slick, stylish nihilism without an ounce of socially redeeming value. Taking Godard's old proclamation to its furthest extreme, the film features a girl and an insane amount of guns." Tim Grierson, The New Republic

"Wheatley continues an unbroken run of quality, helped by a great cast and a startlingly effective premise. This is seriously cool, stuffed with great dialogue and riddled with bullets" ★★★★ Helen O'hara, Empire Magazine 

"What might be messy in less capable hands is simply dynamic here. The film's fiery energy is amped up by it's suitably warm lensing, all orange, browns and rusty reds" Simran Hans, Sight and Sound 

"Free Fire is a blast of fierce fun as brilliant Brie Larson dodges bullets in action thriller" ★★★★ Chris Hunneysett, The Mirror 

"Free Fire is a black comedy adrenaline trip, one that's just as much a situational comedy as it is a guns-blazing, isolated, action film" (8.2/10) Alex Welch, IGN Movies

"Free Fire is an exhilarating exercise in pure storytelling where Wheatley and co-writer Amy Jump are fi ring on all cylinders." ★★★★ Allan Hunter, Daily Express

"Bold, breathless and wickedly fun" Rating: B+ Leonard Pearce, The Film Stage 

"Ben Wheatley lets the bullets fly for a red-hot shoot-’em up thriller" ★★★★ Jason Best, What's on tv

"It’s bloody, brilliant and blackly comic" ★★★★ Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman 

"If Sam Peckinpah remade The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, you'd get something like Ben Wheatley's ode to the cinema of comic cruelty Free Fire★★★☆ Dann Gire, Chicago Daily Herald

"Free Fire is about as pure an action film as it is possible to make" ★★★★ Rachel Meaden, Den of Geek

"A dizzyingly choreographed and unexpectedly comedic a shoot-em-up" Peter Debruge, Variety 

"It's a highly enjoyable 90 minutes, especially if your tastes run to the violent, the absurd, and the violently absurd." ★★★☆ Ty Burr, Boston Globe

"Loud, ripe, violent, bloody and blackly funny, Free Fire cocks it's gun right in your face. See it - and bring earplugs" ★★★★ James Mottram, Total Film 

"it is a welcome return to the kind of smash and grab pictures Wheatley does best" ★★★★ Alison Rowat, The Herald

"Free Fire is a relentless genre assault of bullets, laughs and personality, like a pseudo action movie that cranks intensity to 11 and rips off the knob" ★★★★ Matt Donato, We Got This Covered

"Free Fire is a mad contraption, bristling with bravado and black, sardonic wit." ★★★★ Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

"To describe Ben Wheatley's latest picture as a blast doesn't even come close to capturing the film's adrenalised assault on the senses" Wendy Ide, Screen International 

"Ben Wheatley has once again pulled it out of the bag" ★★★★★ Zach Roddis, The People's Movies 

"A shoot-em-up with a wide streak of wicked humour, coupled with no shortage of bullets and blood, marking Wheatley's most popcorn and wildly enjoyable movie to date" Rating: B Kevin Jagernauth, The Playlist 

"Brie Larson helps Ben Wheatley go back to brilliant, bloody basics" ★★★★ Nick Hasted, The Arts Desk

"Blessed with an irreverent British sense of humor from Wheatley and co-writer Amy Jump, Free Fire gets impressive mileage out of its simple shootout premise" ★★★ Shane Slater, Awards Circuit 

"Anyone else looking for 90 minutes of sheer fun will be well served" ★★★★ Sean Wilson, Flickering Myth 

"Cillian Murphy is going great guns in shoot-em-up Free Fire" ★★★★ Harry Guerin, RTE

"Ben Wheatley's Tarantino-style thriller is destined for cult status" ★★★★ Matthew Turner, iNews

"An absolutely blast from beginning to end, FREE FIRE works as both a rip-snorting action flick, while simultaneously serving as a savvy send-up of the gangster genre." ★★★★ Chris Bumbray, JoBlo 

"Free Fire offers a no-frills, B-movie level of ridiculous violence and mayhem that makes it a constantly hilarious and occasionally shocking picture" Rating: B Matt Goldberg, Collider

"Free Fire is a bullet-riddled blast" ★★★★ Helen Wixson, Daily Dead

"Brie Larson stars in the craziest shootout of all time" Rating: B+ Eric Kohn, Indiewire 

"Intense, funny, absurd and even political, sometimes all at once" ★★★★ Norman Wilner, Toronto Now 

"It's relentlessly brutal and surprising hilarious, the blackest of black humour seeping from it's pours" Jen Yamato, The Daily Beast 

"Free Fire is 90 incredible minutes of bullets, one-liners, and seriously off-the-wall characters" ★★★☆ Travis Hopson, Punch Drunk Critics

"Sharlto Copley and Armie Hammer hit the bullseye in Ben Wheatley's funniest outing yet" ★★★★ Amy West, International Business Times 

"Fantastic 1970s urban western shootout comedy" ★★★★ Aine O'Connor, The Independent(Ireland)

"Shades of Sam Peckinpah in this star-studded action film about an arms deal gone wrong from Sightseers director Ben Wheatley" ★★★★ Josh Slater-Williams, The Skinny 

"A barrel of laughs throughout the entirety of the film, Sharlto Copley gives yet another amazing performance and Wheatley gets back to what he does best and that is making great pieces of film" ★★★★ Ian Crow, All Things Movies UK 

"It's seriously fun" ★★★★ Isaac Tomiczek, Movie Marker 

"A pulsating thriller that looks a lot how The A-Team might have turned out if they’d hired Sam Peckinpah to direct" ★★★★ Declan Burke, Irish Examiner 

"Just imagine what an Itchy and Scratchy short directed by Sam Peckinpah would look like. That's Free Fire" B+ Chris Nashwaty, Entertainment Weekly

"An uproariously violent, action-tinged black comedy with a fantastic ensemble performance" ★★★★ Brian Lloyd, 

"For those who don't mind a little blood & gore and a lot of profanity, Free Fire is a superior alternative to the big-name, bloated action films hogging the largest screens in most multiplexes" ★★★☆ James Berardinelli, Reel Views 

"Armie Hammer has a gift for deadpan humor, and it's put to great use here. Cillian Murphy is the closest thing to a hero (or at least anti-hero we can root for) in the movie. Brie Larson is a gamer" ★★★☆ Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times 

"Really Free Fire's a movie about its own craft and the interplay between its actors-not to mention a trial run at bigger budgeted and more "mainstream" filmmaking for Wheatley" ★★★★ Brogan Morris, Paste Magazine 

"It bears some resemblance to the warehouse showdown in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, and the dialogue is just as sharp and smart. But the staging, particularly the geography of the running gun battle, is wickedly clever and original" ★★★☆ Sean P. Means, Salt Lake Tribune 

"The hard-boiled, insult-comic dialogue might sometimes lean a little closer to Guy Ritchie than Quentin Tarantino, but the energy and momentum are undeniable-the film has a way of relentlessly slicing forward every time you expect it to stagnate" ★★★★ Daniel Barnes, Sacramento News&Review 

"Well edited, shot and written, Free Fire hits all its targets, an action thriller sure to make audiences gasp and giggle with ease" ★★★★ Matthew Pejkovic, Matt's Movie Reviews 

"Free Fire, packed with chaos and surprises though it is, always makes a pulpy kind of sense while delivering barrages of mean-spirited entertainment and a consistent critique of thoughtless mayhem" ★★★☆ Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News 

"A Quentin Tarantinoesque 90 minutes shootout is a hoot. This year's best guilty pleasure movie" ★★★★ Gary Wolcott, Tri-City Herald